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Thursday, December 13, 2012

'Madras'... a city in transformation

Still love to call it that way.. Madrassssss :)

However I dont want to stir emotions.. So lets stick to Chennai.

Of late, I am hearing so many people scrutinizing Chennai.. They say.. Water logging is a problem in Chennai... traffic congestion is too much.. it is polluted.. people are self centred... climate is bad... leave alone these.. some people pray that any team other than Chennai Super Kings should win IPL each season :p :p Whats all this... Why is there a hatred against Chennai... I am still not sure if I am the only one who is hearing these...

I still remember the Chennai I grew up in... We had everything a person could ask for ( not that we dont have now).. I am not gonna rewind decades together, just a few years.. A classic example - 3 years ago, I joined a MNC located in OMR and used to commute by bike. I could easily travel the distance by 15 min. The same distance now takes me 45 minutes. The reason is simple. the people using the road have increased. It is unavoidable.. And when a 'dude' comes from B town or H town, he just concludes straight away "Chennai traffic is the worst".. My message to them is think about the immigration rate in Chennai.. Chennai is booming in terms of industrial growth and people from across India come here to work in several sectors.. primarily IT industry.. I dont have the stats but I have a feeling that the number of non-Chennai folks working in Chennai IT industry would be possibly more than the indigenous count. The writing on the wall becomes clearer... the city has to cater to the needs of a ever growing population .. more alarming might be the rate of increase.. I will leave it to the white collared guys to do the math :)

Now comes the question from haters "Why cant they plan for all these"... Agreed... They should have planned better.. But doesn't each city does undergo this kind of transformation... Once the metro railway gets up and running, people are sure to start using mass rapid transport systems to commute to work.. The day is not far away..

Namma ooru Chennai ku periya whistle adinga !!!! Love you Chennai !!!!


Jelly bean upgrade for Sony Xperia Neo

Looks like there is no jelly bean upgrade for my smart phone - Sony Xperia Neo.

As per the information I got on the internet, SONY might have announced that Jelly bean upgrades will be available on Sony mobiles from 2013 and that too only for selected models... and they would be the phones released in 2012 it seems..

So looks like my Neo which got launched in 2011 won't be getting anything after an ICS. All those dreams of having a Jellybean OS are now gone with the wind. I understand that Sony would be thinking about the hardware limitations in 2011 models to handle JB, but still it would be great if they can do something... Fingers crossed !!!

On a second thought, does anyone know how I can get back to ginger bread from sandwich.. I liked it better, personally :)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Raghuvaran - the great onscreen villain

Today 11 December is the birthday of the evergreen villain of Indian cinemas - Raghuvaran sir. What a great person. You will always be missed by your fans.. I can still remember the charisma you showcased as Mark Antony in Basha.. It must have been in my childhood days.. The expressions and body language... something which was awe-inspiring.. You are one of the reasons why Basha was such a block buster hit.. Same applies to the movie Ratchagan... When we talk of these action movies of the last decade, we do talk about Raghuvaran - the on-screen villain who made the heroes larger than life.. He remained a mighty foe and heroes had to rise to a new level to overcome his might.. I believe it is one of the main reasons people started to like Nagarjuna and other heroes.. Because of the mighty adversary in film.

All said, we all miss him as well as his famous dialogues.. Here's one as a token of my respect.... RIP sir..

"Indha bomb vedichdhu na suthi pullu poondu molaikkardhuku kooda padhi nanju varusham aagum" !!!

chanceless !!!!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

A tale of two No-Balls

Watching a T20 cricket match is always fun.And IPL in particular has its own charisma.There's the action,thrill,glamour and most of all four hours of non-stop entertainment.Watching today's contest between The Kings Eleven and The Royals from West, I literally went berserk. The match had everthing one could ask for.
The drama started in the first over when Gilchrist was bowled thanks to an inside edge from a delivery that kept its path right from where it was delivered.But a terrible no-ball brought Gilchrist back to the pitch admist a runout drama by the wicket keeper.
The saying goes "Lightning doesn strike twice".But sure it did,when the TV umpire declared a no ball against Shaun Tait in the very next over.He had claimed the dangerous Paul Valthaty in that very cursed delivery.Then it was just like the writing on the wall.Adam and Paul cut loose in the third over.Two elegant sixes and three boundaries brought up the fastest team fifty in IPL history in 17 balls.
The fireworks continued till the fifteenth over as the innings was powered by a well constructed innings by Shaun Marsh and a supportive role by Dinesh karthik.The pace was brought down by a terrific final spell by Tait and Watson.
But by then the Kings had done their damage and posted a total that was far more than the reach of the Royals.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go green

Tomorrow as we celebrate the Earth Day, lets all gear up and contribute a part in making the earth a better place to live in. Here are a few things each one of us can do.
1. Save electricity
2. Save water
3. Save a tree from being axed down
4. Use eco-friendly modes of transport.
5. Go for car pooling at least once a week
6. Conserve the use of paper
7. Plant a few trees in and around your locality
8. Keep a bird bath and a pale of water in ur lawn
9. reduce usage of plastic utilities

The earth is not only home to humans but also to a wide variety of fauna and flora.Lets protect the beautiful creatures living around us.
Take a pause from your fast life, look around,feel the difference !!